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How to set up a Google Business Profile in 10 easy steps

Setting up a Google business profile (GBP) can do more for you than you think. If it is used and set up perfectly, it highlights the best features of your business and attracts more customers than you can do without having a GBP.  

Creating and managing a GBP for your business or even a small local startup is a key step towards SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) success. People turn to Google for anything they want, which means having GBP means that you have already connected with a potential customer if you are offering what they are looking for. Here is how you can set up your Google Business Profile.  

  1. Create a Google account 

Make a Google account so you can create local listing. Creating a google account is simple and free. You can either create a new email or use an existing one. 

  1. Add your business 

Type the name of your business and it will show if there is another with the same name. Set up the name of your choice and then click “add business to your account.”  

  1. Customise your business 

The next step is to add your business name and its category, it is necessary that you use the exact name as the official business and do not add any keywords in the name as it violates Google’s guidelines. Then add the category of your business and try to add the category that closely matches with your business. There is also an option for additional category for describing your business more clearly and it can always be changed later. 

  1. Add location 

Enter your business location if you have a store, office, or a restaurant so people do not find it difficult to reach you. However, if you are working online there is an option for you to select no if you do not receive customers. Enter the areas you offer your services to or deliver to. You can always edit this information. 

  1. Add contact details 

The next step is to add the contact details of your business. You will need to enter a phone number and there is also an option to add your business website, if you do not have one, tick the box below. You can add the website later. 

  1. Improve Google Account 

Next, you will be asked if you want to receive tips on improving your Google account, click yes, it might benefit you later. 

  1. Verifying your business 

There are 3 types of verification google provides, postcard verification, phone verification, and email verification. You will need to verify your account, or your profile will not show up on Google.  

  1. Add business hours 

It is also essential to add business hours so the customers know when they can reach you.  

  1. Accept Messages 

Google provides messaging services. Click on “accept messages” if you’ve enough time to timely respond to messages. 

  1. Add description and photos 

Tell your customer more about your business but within 750 words and use these words wisely before adding photos of your services so your customers may get a glimpse of what they are getting themselves to. 

Finally, keep your information up to date, respond to customer reviews, post your best offers, and display your products and services and you will see the surge in leads and customers.

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