Why do businesses need business analysis more than ever and what does it mean for business analysts? 

Businesses rely on data and analysis to make crucial decisions as it helps them figure out which products to sell, how much to sell them for and to whom. Therefore, small, local, and large businesses worldwide are all seeking business analysts in the wake of the digital age, where companies have so much more data than they had access to even ten years ago.  

Additionally, markets are ever-changing because of digitalisation, and businesses must be able to adapt to the constant changes. It is critically important for any business to adjust appropriately to those changes to stay ahead of the game, considering the competitive market. Business analysis can save companies from staying behind their competitors and later failing.   

Therefore, business analysts must navigate and prepare the organisation to stay competitive and lead them through the entire change process.    

The importance of a business analyst  

It’s not a mystery why business analyst positions will expand by double-digit percentages. It is only because companies are after them for their ability to capture, manage, and interpret large datasets. A business analyst’s primary role is to manage databases to perform descriptive and predictive statistical analysis. However, there is so much more. Presenting that data analysis in an easy-to-understand manner for managers and executives is only possible when they have proficiency in data visualisation.   

Business analyst skills are transferable   

A marketing manager’s job requires marketing experience but depending on the employer, the job can rely heavily on market research, for example, to see how the competitors are advertising their products. Similarly, business analysts work through the following processes:   

  • Collecting customer information through surveys    
  • Gathering insights from data sources    
  • Analysing the data to forecast consumer intent    
  • Presenting the information in a visual package     

That sounds like a business analyst’s job. Marketing, the only exception is the explicit focus on marketing. When you can apply business analyst skills in other positions, the chances of finding a job are considerably in favour. This means your business analyst skills are never going to waste.  

The demand for business analysts   

Demand for business analysts is high and will only likely increase. With the prospects for business analysts looking so promising in the years to come, now’s a great time to get your foot in the door. How one does that depends on the availability and financial circumstances.    

Exploding growth for business analyst positions     

As always, it’s worth taking forecasts with a grain of salt. Still, you can always expect the demand for business analysts to keep trending upward because organisations will always need certified analysts to lead their businesses towards success.  

Therefore, getting certified can put you on the map; the more experience you get, your value increases. Getting into a Business Analyst course is the way to achieve in-depth knowledge and confidence and to make any company understand that their business will be in safe hands when you are taking care of their business analysis. Have any questions about our Business Analysis course? Email us with your queries at hello@mbatrainingpro.com 📧 






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