Cryptocurrency - Practical Trading Guidance
and Blockchain Theory

2 Day Face to Face Course

3 Months – Weekly Trading Sessions

  • Blockchain Basics – Island of YAP Story
  • Trading – Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges
  • Trading – How to buy and sell crypto
  • Trading – Trading Charts and Indicators – Learn when to buy and sell

Course information

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will learn all about the basics of the blockchain – Island of YAP Story
  • Develop a solid understanding of Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges.
  • Be able to recognise the best times to buy and sell crypto, and what platforms are the best to use.
  • Understand how to read trading charts and indicators so that you can earn when to buy and sell to maximise profits.
  • You will be able to recognise and easily avoid alt coin rug pull scams.
  • Understand the importance of having a diverse portfolio and what Cryptocurrencies to initially invest in 

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