Practical Trading Guidance and Blockchain Theory

2 Days Face to Face Course Training

3 Months – Weekly Trading Sessions

Details : 

  • Blockchain Basics – Island of YAP Story
  • Trading – Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges
  • Trading – How to buy and sell crypto
  • Trading – Charts and Indicators – Learn when to buy and sell

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About Us

Cryptocurrency Course

MBA Training Pro delivers a 3-month classroom-based Cryptocurrency Training course to professionals and newbies around the world. Our cryptocurrency expert team consists of industry leaders with recognised expertise in cryptocurrency transactions and funds.

The training revolves around Crypto theory but will also give you the chance to open your first crypto account. After 2 days of face-to-face theoretical training, a weekly trading session that lasts for 3 months will give you an insight into the world of trading.

Our Cryptocurrency Training course is to help you understand the benefits and the risks that come with investing in cryptocurrencies and cover various other topics like types of cryptocurrencies, working fundamentals of blockchain theory like hash, data key, and probabilistic, finality. Countries and many businesses are organising the prevalence of cryptocurrencies throughout the world. Now is the best time to start learning and getting involved so that you do not miss another crypto boom cycle.

Better Communication

With years of experience in cryptocurrency transactions and funds, our expert trainers meet the specific needs of our clients, boost the confidence to kickstart buying and investing, and help detect scams and frauds.


Our teaching methods assist aspiring candidates to acquire the right kind of knowledge and the confidence to make online cryptocurrency transactions securely.


Our training programmes are supported by our researched, unique, and high-quality course material that will assist the learners in gaining full knowledge and insights into their desired subject matter.

Practical Learning

Practical training gives candidates the opportunity to integrate into the market of cryptocurrencies.

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