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Money Laundering and financial crime poses a huge risk for any company. Educate yourself on the processes and impact of such practices and be an active respondent to any potential criminal situations with our intensive course.

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The Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Financial Crime

Understand where the risks lie in an organization and the laws that shape our activities. Governments and financial markets throughout the world recognize Financial Crime as one of the greatest threats to the global financial services industry.

The FCA has increased its efforts to fight every aspect of financial crime: Money laundering, terrorist financing, market manipulation and data theft. Along with partner agencies, the FCA looks towards the firms they regulate when combating financial crime. Firms are required to work together with the FCA and the international community in their efforts to make it harder for criminals to exploit their businesses and their clients.

The market regulator expects companies to understand where the risks lie in the firm and react appropriately as part of the governance framework.

During this intensive course, we will illustrate this significant threat to our industry and show you how to take a proactive approach to financial crime, enhance the policies, processes and procedures you currently have in place and ensure that everyone in your organization is ready to protect your firm and the marketplace.


  • Appreciate and understand the latest crime prevention regulation (national and international)
  • Understand the elements necessary to create the right corporate culture
  • Recognize key elements of ‘Know Your Client’ documentation
  • Respond quickly to criminal behavior by introducing alert systems which react appropriately and quickly to any potential criminal situations
  • Recognize how to investigate more quickly and escalate suspicious activity, reducing the damage to the firm
  • Protect the firm’s reputation by avoiding the media spotlight created by high-profile incidents of firms being victims of financial crimes
  • Develop a solid overview of their firm’s vulnerabilities and the controls and procedures needed to address them in an increasingly complex global industry

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14th January 2023




Main Topics Covered During This Training

  • Lecture 1.1: Money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Lecture 1.2: Setting up effective KYC procedures
  • Lecture 1.3: Suspicious activity indicators and transaction reporting
  • Lecture 1.4: Customer due diligence and record keeping
  • Lecture 1.5: International regulatory standards
  • Lecture 1.6: Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  • Lecture 1.7: Analyse the effectiveness of your firm’s AML/CTP processes and procedures
  • Lecture 1.8: Practical Tips in AML Management
  • Lecture 1.9: Setting up action plan