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How to successfully manage an outsourced project

Outsourcing projects has been one of the most developing trends recently and the global market value keeps rising. This is popular among big corporations and small businesses alike as it lets companies focus on growth and core business objectives. 

This welcomes experts from all over the world, accumulating practices from different markets, values, and knowledge bases. Managing these outsourced projects can be tacky, but you can handle them with these 10 tips.  

  1. Research Thoroughly  

Always start with extensive research for and of the right partner. If you go for the lowest prices, you might compromise on quality. Make sure you do thorough research of the partner’s clients, cases, and the technologies they use before making a move.  

  1. Choose Wisely 

Don’t just look for a partner known for being the most technically skilled, because you don’t build a relationship with just screens. There are so many other factors you must learn before choosing your partner, like communication, attitude, and teaching and development skills.  

  1. Build a relationship  

The best and most effective way to ace business dealings is to learn and embrace your partner’s culture. You will not only build a healthy relationship with the partner by building better communication and respect, but also enhance productivity which will result in successful project execution. Get to know them. If you are working remotely, set up a video conference and get to know them. 

  1. Always sign a contract 

Even if you are working remotely, or on a small project, do not forget to produce a mutually agreed contract and get it signed by both the parties. Write your expectations and deliverables clearly on the contract, as well as the deadlines, the costs, and payments, how changes will be managed, how issues will be tackled, and any other key details. Producing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and getting it signed when working with an outsourced partner is also important to make sure sensitive information doesn’t leak. 

  1. Learn about the Local Government Officials 

If you are working remotely with an overseas partner, make sure the local officials are aware of your partnership in case of fraud.  

  1. Specify instructions and specifications  

Make sure your outsourced partner has been provided with step-by-step instruction background information and specifications for smoother overall management.  

  1. Using Good Project Management Software  

Make sure you have good management software with all the data, time tracking, and progress right where everybody can see it.  

  1. Monitor and Manage  

You can hire a local manager to manage the project, or you can simplify everything through good software and monitor the progress yourself.  

  1. Align Timelines  

Make sure that both the partners know the timelines to deliver the project successfully. This fixed schedule should be agreed upon before the start of the project and any changes should be updated on a daily or weekly basis. If the outsourced party is working in another time zone, make sure your software is updated to work accordingly.  

  1. Effective communication 

This is the most essential key to successful management, increasing productivity and profits. Make sure communication is swift and easy between both parties when an issue or changes arise.  

The key factors in outsourcing projects are the cost and time effectiveness. By outsourcing projects, business owners don’t have to invest in heavy costs like offices and hardware. Plus, this way, companies can focus on core business objectives and processes. Project managers and team leaders will also be free. 

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