The 7 Secrets of Good Business Analysts 

Business analysts play a vital role in deciphering the business future by identifying, creating and putting valuable changes into practice. In simpler words, they act as the bridge between business ideas and business capabilities. A good BA will identify projects that best achieve the business’s objectives and effective ways to reduce company costs. But what are the 7 top secrets of business analysts that stakeholders and hiring managers admire?  

1. They have good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills 

Good business analysts are good communicators, problem-solvers, and think critically. They can create requirements specifications, analyse them, make visual models, and ease elicitation sessions.   

2. They are creative and innovative

Business analysts look for the answers to questions and don’t wait for them to come. They find alternative paths and involve the right people on time. Good business analysts do not get stopped for long and often work through challenging situations to find a solution. 

3. They work on their skills 

Good business analysts are only satisfied with doing things the same way every time. Gaining the confidence to apply business analysis methods makes them extra efficient. They also choose the right tools for the job and keep growing their skills to work around any situation they might face.  

4. They know the stakeholders and business requirements

Good business analysts know what the stakeholders ask for. Fresh business analysts may need to take notes and notes of what stakeholders require to work better around the business processes, accomplish more, settle disagreements, and ensure the solution is provided with a manual.  

5. They create clarity 

Business analysts bring a distinctive combination of critical thinking and analysis skills. These two skills help create clarity to drill into details, ask relevant questions, and get better solutions.  

6. They maintain a positive relationship 

A good business analyst doesn’t rely on bribes and maintains positive relationships by using active listening techniques to assure stakeholders that they are heard. They try to fulfil expectations, build trust, follow through on commitments, keep confidentiality agreements, never talk behind anyone’s back and never make a promise they can’t control.  

7. They are professional and good to work with

Good business analysts have strong skills in project management. They also:   

  • Are farsighted and dependent-aware  
  • Organise themselves to obligations and deadlines  
  • Get stakeholders involved at the right times and through the proper ways  
  • Have an eye for scope   
  • Know that implementation limitation almost always reach the path of achieving the result  

One thing they keep watch on is value and feasibility. They love showing their stakeholders a set of necessities that can get implemented.   

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